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Weekly Content Planner

Do you ever feel like you have too many things going at once? Do you feel like you need a way to simplify all the things flying around in your head? To see things all in once place? Me too.

I created the Weekly Content Planner to help collect all the moving pieces. This lets me see how everything works together – the blog, the social post, the training content – to make sure I’m sending the best possible message for the week.

It gives me a sense of whether I’m sharing too much or too little of a given subject. It opens a window on content gaps and opportunities.

But, the best part is that it’s simple. It’s so easy to use that it requires no instruction. You just fill in the blanks and take a step back to see what you’re working with.

The Weekly Content Planner helps you step out of your head and put your projects on one page. If you like what you see, publish! If not, make some adjustments.

I included Saturday and Sunday on my planner page because I learned that I have quite a bit of traffic on Sundays. You may not, so feel free to create your own version.

Remember – your content isn’t about you. It’s about meeting your audience where they are, when they are visiting and ready to receive the information you share.

Weekly Content Planner

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