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10 Tips: Writing Your Own Website Copy

Title frame - 10 Tips For Writing Your Own Website Copy

Congratulations! You built a website for your small business. Now, you’re panicking because you’re staring at a blank screen trying to write about your business, products or services. Right?

Breathe. And again. Here are a few tips to help you get started. Before you know it, you’ll be focused and confidently creating awesome copy for your company.

  1. Keep your focus on your customer. This is a bit challenging because we all want to make our own website the “Me Show.” Focus, instead, on your visitor’s need. Ask yourself, “What problem are they trying to solve with your products and services?” Write to that. Put your company in a position of service to gain the attention and trust of clients.

  2. Keep it short and simple. When you’re writing for the web, remember that people are scanning for the information they need. Use shorter sentences and simple words. The goal is to make your website copy so accessible and digestible that a client can get the info they need and make a buying decision while waiting to order their lunch.

  3. Use bullets to make your copy scan-able. If your goal is to make information gathering easy, bullet points and numbered lists are a must. These formats force brevity and help you get to the point quickly.

  4. Skip the buzzwords. Every industry has lingo, but to reach your audience, leave it behind. You’re probably not writing to other people in your industry. You’re writing to people who need your products and services. So, make your copy conversational and approachable. You don’t want a customer to feel too intimated to make contact.

  5. Help customers “feel” with their eyes. If you’re writing product descriptions, try to mimic the in-store experience with rich adjectives and tactile phrasing. Address the weight and smoothness of your jewelry or explain that a glass of your Cabernet feels like a cashmere hug. If you’re selling products online, remember that your copy replaces a showroom visit.

  6. Prioritize your message. Put your most important benefits and products near the top of the page. This ensures that if someone is scrolling for fast information, you’ll grab their attention.

  7. Be clear about your call to action. Do you want people to send an email? Call? Subscribe? Buy Now? Be clear about your CTA. If a customer doesn’t have to guess about their next step, it’s easier for them to take it. So, take the time to write out their next action.

  8. Go easy with the SEO. Yes, you want to make sure your site is SEO-rich for natural search returns, but don’t get carried away. Sprinkle your keywords in like a garnish . . . don't glop it on like a cream sauce. Don’t write: Our diamond sellers are the best diamond experts in the area, guaranteed to offer the best diamonds at the best diamond prices. Do make use of ALT picture tags, product descriptions, titles and blogs.

  9. Build consistency and relevancy with your blog. Writing a blog space gives you an opportunity to educate your customers and share valuable information about your products and services. But, it is in no way obligatory. Only blog if you think you can write and publish articles at a consistent and reliable rate to satisfy your audience.

  10. Speak to your area of expertise. Explain to your visitors why you’re uniquely positioned to help them fill their need. Writing about yourself is, potentially, one of the most daunting tasks you’ll encounter. Just remember to keep it customer-focused. Tell your story, including where you earned your stripes and why you do what you do. It humanizes your site and lets people know that, in the end, they’ll be doing business with YOU.

Remember, a website won’t do everything for you in terms of growing your customer base. But, it will give visitors the information they need to determine if you’re the right fit for them. With that in mind, keep your web copy:

  • Conversational

  • Customer focused

  • Jargon-free

  • Clear about next steps.

If you follow these tips, you'll be well on your way to creating a gorgeous website that delivers results for you AND your customers. In the meantime, what other questions do you have about writing for your business?

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