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3 Things You're REALLY Buying from a Freelancer

What you're really buying from a freelancer

Whether you work in a small office with limited headcount or you’re trying to pack more bang to each buck, freelancers deliver more than you might expect. Here are a few of the main differences I’ve picked up on my time since moving from cubicle life to the freelance/contract world.

Actual Work Hours

When I worked a 9 to 5, there was a lot of transition time involved. I spent an hour and a half getting ready for the day and making a torturous commute. Now, I roll out of bed, grab a coffee and get to work. So, my “available” working hours went up by 3. I, literally, gave myself the gift of time by stepping away from cube life.

Add to that, during my current work time – aka: billable hours – I spend the entire time on the project for which I’m commissioned. When I was a full-time employee, I was getting paid for all the extra things that come with office life: Facebook updates, bathroom breaks and water cooler talk.

A Unique Perspective

As a freelancer I’m not beholden to legacy systems, processes, hierarchies and “the way we’ve always.” I’m a fresh set of eyes and ears and can often offer a perspective the full-time employees are too close to see. My being removed from the office talk grants me distance from prior iterations and drafts – which means I can bring unique thoughts to the table.

Freedom from Negativity

Let’s be honest, the office can be a cesspool of negativity, politics and backbiting. What’s the saying, “familiarity breeds contempt?” As a freelancer, I’m out the swirl and able to step into the office with a happy, personable demeanor to the table. It doesn’t matter to me if so-and-so got a promotion, I’m present for the work.

And, speaking of work, because I set up my own business that allows the picking and choosing of projects, I always have a good attitude about the task at hand.

Look, we need all kinds to make the world go ‘round. I just choose to live life a little bit differently right now. It’s scary and hard sometimes, but it also provides me with such immense satisfaction that it’s hard to walk back into corporate life. Perhaps one day – if the offer and the environment is right.

For now, I’m happy to be the helping hand and happy face in the office! Can I help you today?

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